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Now That It’s Cuckoo vs. T-Mac, I’d Expect to See a Lot More Like These


With Bill Bolling having decided not to run for governor of Virginia this year, the choice for moderates, independents, and sane Republicans has been clarified: 1) vote for an extremist nutjob who will make our state a national laughingstock, while driving away businesses and talented people thinking of locating here; 2) vote for a mainstream, pro-business Democrat; or 3) stay home. The following press release from the McAuliffe campaign indicates the direction sane (aka, “normal,” “traditional”) Republicans should take, but we’ll see…

Republican Delegates Endorse McAuliffe for Governor

Three former members of the House of Delegates endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Governor on Wednesday.  The three Delegates are:

Republican Delegate Vince Callahan Jr. was first elected to the House of Delegates in 1967 and served for 40 years, becoming the ranking Republican member of the Virginia General Assembly and the dean of the Northern Virginia delegation as well as the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  Callahan is was a member of “Virginians for Bob” in 2009.

Republican Delegate Jim Dillard represented parts of Fairfax County for 32 years.  

Former Republican and Independent Delegate, Katherine Waddell represented parts of the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County.  

“A life spent in the business world has taught me that the best solutions usually come through compromise and working together,” said Terry McAuliffe.  “I’m honored to have the support of former Republican legislators and will continue to work with members of all parties to find mainstream solutions to make the Commonwealth better for business.”

“Virginia needs a Governor who will promote a mainstream agenda that focuses on the economy and making Virginia better for business,” said Delegate Vince Callahan.  “We need to get away from partisan bickering and ideological brinksmanship and come together to focus on doing what’s best for Virginia.  That’s why I’m proud to support Terry McAuliffe for Governor.”

“Terry has pledged that increased state support for education will be a top priority and is key to attracting business to Virginia,” said Delegate Jim Dillard.  “Seeing Terry work with Governor McDonnell to get a transportation deal done reinforced what I already knew.”

“Virginians are fed up with right wing extremism and divisive ideology, we need a Governor who will focus on mainstream economic issues,” said Delegate Katherine Waddell, Board of Directors, Republican Majority for Choice. “Terry McAuliffe will do what is right for Virginia.”


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