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Video: Can Someone Please Get Frank Wolf a Tinfoil Hat?


Why on earth anyone still thinks that Frank Wolf is a “moderate” in any way, shape or form is beyond me. To the contrary, as this interview with Faux “News” clearly demonstrates, the guy went off into tinfoil hat/conspiracy la-la land a long time ago. In reality, of course, this whole Benghazi tragedy has been discussed and analyzed extensively, and the GOP’s fever dreams have been proven false time and again. So why does the right wing stay focused on this, and why does the right-wingnut media perpetuate it? Simple: to keep attacking the Obama administration, on anything and everything, and to keep the millions of Faux “News” viewers “entertained.” Other than that? It probably helps the Republicans raise money from their wingnut base, I presume. As for the increasingly rabid Rep. Wolf, it is long, long, long past time for voters in the 10th CD to say “Farewell Frank.”

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