Video: Nope, No Racism at CPAC…Move Right Along!


    (UPDATE: Check out the comments section for more examples of racism, homophobia, and generally insanity. What a conference! (and remember, Cuccinelli spoke there yesterday) – promoted by lowkell)

    As you watch this video and read about what happened, just keep in mind that CPAC (and the GOP more broadly) is overwhelmingly white. Why is that? Perhaps because their policies are horrible, and also because the party is filled with the type of people who used to infest the old Dixiecrats (Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, Jesse Helms, etc.), but thank god left the Democratic Party. Of course, they’re now in the Republican Party, thanks in part to many years of Lee Atwater’s (and Richard Nixon’s, Ronald Reagan’s, Karl Rove’s, etc.) “Southern Strategy,” and from the looks of it, they really really REALLY do not like being called out for their utter lack of racial inclusiveness.

    Finally, I’d just note that this John Birch Society freak show, aka the CPAC conference, is considered not just totally mainstream in today’s GOP, but highly desirable. Note that raging homophobe/science denier/fanatic Ken Cuccinelli just spoke there yesterday. Also note that leading 2016 GOP presidential possibilities – like Bob McDonnell, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, etc. – have been clamoring to speak there (or have been seriously bummed that they were snubbed, as in the case of T-Bob). This really says it all about today’s Republican Party.

    P.S. Great snarky comment at Daily Kos: “Ladies and gentlement, don’t panic, but…there is a black man in the building.  Repeat: A black man in the building!”

    P.P.S. Serious question: is there ANY equivalent of CPAC on the progressive and/or Democratic side? I’ve asked several people, and nobody can think of anything even close. Yet the corporate/idiot media keeps insisting on some sort of equivalency. Amazing.

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