Video: Paul Begala Demolishes Tucker Carlson, CPAC Crowd on Debt and Deficits


    You can skip most of this, but definitely watch starting around 6:25 of this video, as Paul Begala kicks some serious conservative butt (on whether the debt and deficits matter).

    Begala: Let me quote a conservative hero, Dick Cheney, who said Ronald Reagan taught us deficits don’t matter. As he was about everything, Dick Cheney was wrong. He was wrong then, and he’s wrong now. Of course deficits matter. But any one of you who supported the Bush tax cuts, the Bush war in Iraq, or the Bush prescription drug entitlement plan, has no business talking about debt; just sit down and shut up, let the grownups handle it. (booing) You’re welcome. I helped Bill Clinton balance the budget and build a surplus.

    Why? Because we had good economic times. In good economic times, you pay down the deficit – as Clinton did, but Reagan did not and Bush did not – and in bad times you do have to stimulate in the near term, as thank god President Obama is doing. But any of you who caused this debt and deficit – no no, you forgot the rule, you have to hush up if you supported creating the deficit – it’s like listening to lectures on hygiene from Typhoid Mary. So just let us grownups handle it; we Democrats will balance the budget once again.

    Hahahaha, OWNED! 🙂

    P.S. Also check out 13 minutes in for Begala’s utter deconstruction of the faux Republican hysteria over Benghazi. As Begala points out, “when our embassies and consulates in 11 places were attacked by terrorists in the Bush administration, none of you said boo – in Uzbekistan, in Karachi, in Saudi Arabia, in Syria, in Yemen, in Athens – all around the world we were under attack under the Bush administration, and Republicans voted against spending the money to harden those facilities and make them safe; so friends if you’re upset about what happened in Benghazi and I am, I suggest my Republican friends that look in the mirror.”


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