1Q13 Virginia Candidates’ Fundraising Numbers Coming In


    I know most of our focus right now is on the events in Boston, but I also wanted to update everyone on Virginia fundraising numbers from the 1st quarter of 2013 (1Q13), which are coming in now [UPDATE: Click on image to “embiggen”]. There’s nothing yet on the State Board of Elections website, and VPAP is down, but fortunately, at least one intrepid reporter (Chelyen Davis of the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star) has managed to track down 1Q13 fundraising numbers. A few highlights:

    *For Governor, Terry McAuliffe raised $5.1 million, more than double Ken Cuccinelli $2.4 million. In terms of cash on hand, T-Mac has $5.2 million, Cuccinelli $3.0 million.

    *For LG on the Dem side, Aneesh Chopra raised $449,915, Ralph Northam $449,542. However, Chopra has $919,815 cash on hand, three times Northam’s $307,029.

    *For AG on the Dem side, Sen. Mark Herring raised $151,049, Justin Fairfax $140,511. However, Herring has $234,354 cash on hand, nearly three times Fairfax’s $83,785.

    *For LG on the GOP side, Pete Snyder and Jeannemarie Davis raised the most ($276,814 and $256,620, respectively), but Corey Stewart has the most cash on hand ($363,087).

    *For AG on the GOP side, Rob Bell and Mark Obenshain raised $85,484 and $102,811, respectively. In terms of cash on hand, Bell has $553,079, more than three times greater than Obenshain’s $179,487.

    It’s interesting, the Democratic candidates outraised the corresponding Republican candidates for each position. For instance, among AG candidates, Democrat Mark Herring raised the most, followed by Justin Fairfax, with the two Republican candidates below them both.

    P.S. Nearly half of the money Ken Cuccinelli raised came from the Republican Governor’s Association, which gave him a cool $1 million.