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Cuccinelli Continues to Promote His Extremist Social Agenda, This Time on Sodomy Ruling


The following statement is from the Democratic Party of Virginia, referencing the Washington Blade story, “Cuccinelli challenges Va. sodomy ruling.” The guy is utterly incorrigible, in addition to several other choice adjectives I can think of.

Even as he attempts to torpedo transportation legislation, fend off broad condemnation over his conflict of interest with Star Scientific, promote a radical book, and run for Governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has found time to focus on what matters (to him): His extreme social agenda.

The Washington Blade reported this morning that Cuccinelli has petitioned the 4th Circuit of Appeals to reconsider lasts month’s ruling striking down Virginia’s historically obsolete anti-sodomy law. Cuccinelli should explain why a divisive legal battle on behalf of a discriminatory and unconstitutional law is a proper use of state time and money while his office continues to sit still in its case against his close friends and investment partners at Star Scientific.

Priorities, priorities…

UPDATE: Josh Israel of Think Progress has more. In sum, Cuccinelli’s not just a bigot and a nut, he’s also an incompetent buffoon, whose misguided actions will once again result in a “cost in time and money to Virginia [that] will be huge.” And now this loser wants to be GOVERNOR? Is this a sick joke?

UPDATE #2: Also see Cuccinelli, Blow Jobs & Natural Law:

…Cuccinelli and his cohorts who blocked the amendment in the Legislature now seem to make it clear that they understood the intent of the law was to target gay people specifically. In a just world, people would pay attention to this detail and reject him outright-not because he is a right-wing zealot (though he is), but because whatever his ideology, he has so given into it that his zealotry makes it impossible to just carry out the basic functions of government-such as enforcing the law and prosecuting criminals.


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