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Cuccinelli still won’t say whether he would repeal transportation bill he tried to derail


From the Democratic Party of Virginia, once again so much for Cuccinelli the “straight shooter.”

Richmond, VA – As legislators convene in Richmond today to put the final touches on a historic transportation compromise, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli still won’t tell Virginians whether his repeated attempts to torpedo the legislation mean he would repeal it if given the chance as Governor.

Cuccinelli has been clear about his staunch opposition to the bill that will help end gridlock and grow the economy in Virginia. He tried at least 5 times to derail the bill and has denounced it repeatedly in the press. But despite all of that, he has ducked and dodged multiple questions about whether or not he would repeal the bill he so opposes if he is elected Governor.

“As Virginians sit in traffic across the Commonwealth, Ken Cuccinelli won’t disclose whether a vote for him is a vote to repeal historic funding for transportation construction and maintenance,” said DPVA Executive Director Lauren Harmon.

“The question is simple: If elected, will Ken Cuccinelli put his extreme ideological agenda ahead of what’s best for Virginia and repeal the bipartisan transportation compromise? If he is not enough of a leader to give a simple answer, then leading this Commonwealth should be out of the question.”


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