Help Name the Star Scientific Scandal!


    It’s been a long time since Virginia’s had a good scandal.  (I mean, since harassing a climate scientist on behalf of the coal industry and denying poor people the right to vote and forcing women to have unnecessary vaginal probes and threatening to defy Federal firearms laws are, of course, NOT scandals.)

    So we should welcome all the continuing revelations about the close ties between Gov. McDonnell, AG Cuccinelli, former AG Kilgore, Star Scientific owner Jonnie Williams and a cast of thousands.  The drip, drip, drip of juicy new details continues every day — Cuccinelli “forgot” to report his donations from the company! The CEO paid for part of  McDonnell’s daughter’s wedding!  He also paid for Cuccinelli’s political trip to Kentucky!  The company sells tobacco products geared to minors!  It just keeps getting better.  Since Gov. Bob has been such a booster for flim-making in the Commonwealth, I think we should find a few liberal Hollywood types willing to come to the state and start filming “Star Scientific: the Movie.”

    But every great scandal needs a great name, and this one is still struggling in that regard.  Help this scandal out!  Here are a few suggestions — please vote for your favorite, or come up with a new one.  Whoever comes up with the best alternative wins a free subscription to Blue Virginia — delivered right to your screen!

    – Star-gate (has that science fiction-y ring to it)

    – Sci-Fi (short for “Star Scientific Financing Scandal”)

    – Quid Pro Tobacco (for those who like stuff in Latin)

    – L’Affaire Jonnie (for those who like stuff in French)

    – Supplement-gate (if just works)

    – Wed-her-gate (okay, I admit that’s lame so never mind…)

    Poll appears after the flip — vote early and often…

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