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Hey Ken Cuccinelli, What Are the Real “Crimes Against Nature,” Sodomy or Destroying the Planet?


This whole video of The David Pakman Show mocking Ken Cuccinelli and Virginia’s “crimes against nature” law is very amusing, but I particularly enjoyed this part:

Now, the case at hand consensual, heterosexual oral sex, but…it is a complicated situation, it involves a 47-year-old man and two teenagers above Virginia’s age of consent. So I can understand why people would be concerned about this case. But to say that the policy should be that the state decides that consenting adults should not be able to engage in oral sex seems a little bit antiquated to me…and Ken Cuccinelli, I don’t know what he’s thinking here…Yeah, I mean it’s funny, earlier we talked about Exxon, if anyone’s guilty of crimes against nature, it’s them, but this guy’s talking about oral sex…No, people engaging in consensual oral sex, those are the crimes against nature. ExxonMobil spilling oil, not paying for the cleanup, and lying about where they’re pumping the oil, that’s, I dunno, money is speech, that’s just free speech…of course, yeah.

By the way, small government conservatism, right, we don’t the government getting involved in the minutae of people’s lives, except when it comes to legislating oral sex, then we need them VERY involved…then they need cameras in your bedroom…This could bring a whole new meaning to the term “anal probe”…so we’re opening up the door to a lot of interesting hijinks in Virginia, thank you to Ken Cuccinelli…I’m sure he would nominate himself to be one of these anal probers.

Now, can we just make sure that Ken Cuccinelli never becomes Virginia’s Governor and Chief Protector of “Nature” from Oral or Anal “Crimes?”  Thanks. đŸ™‚


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