Chopra and Fairfax at 8th District Convention


    Aneesh Chopra and Justin Fairfax speak at the 8th District Democratic Convention. The other 2 primary candidates had Sen. Dick Saslaw speak on their behalf and they might want to re-think that next time. I was glad there were no small children in the room, they would have been crying. Our Virginia Coordinated Campaign Director, Michael Halle did a great job speaking on Terry McAuliffe’s behalf and he made it clear that young people, minorities and women are the critical voting blocks we need to get out to vote this year in order to win. More video below the fold.

    Both Aneesh and Justin show why they are the best candidates to run with Terry McAuliffe. They both are more dynamic and connect better with people all across the board. They also help us reach more young people and minorities, which will be critical this year. The fact that they don’t come from the Senate and have not held elected office before are a bonus. People are fed up with our elected officials and are in a mood to boot politicians out and replace them with new blood. Voters do not want to vote for career politicians this year. These are the two candidates that help us add voters to the statewide ticket in every part of Virginia. Please watch and listen.

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