Everything you need to know about E.W. Jackson but didn’t know you’d need to!


    So the Republican Party had one hell of a party in Richmond last night; and one hell of a hangover this morning. His name is E.W. Jackson.

    Put another way. Is E.W. Jackson Ken Cuccinelli’s Sarah Palin?

    As I set out this morning to find out just who is E.W. Jackson,  I found the most insightful information on the Rightwing Watch Blog of the People for the American Way website:  http://www.rightwingwatch.org/

    I urge you to go there and then search for E.W. Jackson.  Here are some of his greatest hits:  

    E.W. Jackson: Gays and Lesbians are ‘Very Sick People Psychologically, Mentally and Emotionally’-you can actually listen to E.W.’s rant against gays.

    E.W. Jackson: God will turn Black Voters ‘Overwhelmingly’ against Obama and Democrats in November – He’s obviously not the best prognosticator.

    Bishop E.W. Jackson Vows To Rescue Black Americans From the “Coalition of the Godless”

    E.W. Jackson: Blacks are Selling Themselves into Slavery By Supporting the Democratic Party

    So congratulations are in order to the radical right wing of the Republican Party because they got what the wanted!  On Wednesday, November 6th, they should not be complaining that they lost because their ticket was not conservative enough.  But for your sake and mine, it better be that they lost anyway!



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