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Judge: Cuccinelli’s Conflict of Interest Prevents Him from Doing His Job


The following statement is from the Terry McAuliffe for Governor campaign, regarding this breaking news (“Judge rules Cuccinelli can withdraw from chef’s case”). Meanwhile, Cuccinelli himself remains in hiding somewhere, terrified of showing his face or opening his (big) mouth. Of course, given the insane stuff Cuccinelli routinely spews, it might not be a bad idea to keep him in hiding for the entire campaign.

Just a few minutes ago, a judge ruled that Ken Cuccinelli’s conflict of interest prevents him from doing his job.  Unfortunately, the Attorney General was apparently too busy to attend his own hearing.  Other than a Friday night news dump where video and audio were banned, Cuccinelli has consistently avoided making himself available to the press and the public.

Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe conducted six open-press events across the Commonwealth just this week. He’s been hearing about ideas for workforce development from community college officials and answering questions from reporters.

Ken Cuccinelli has created a consistent pattern during this campaign: hiding from the press and refusing to answer basic questions about his growing ethics scandal and his extremist effort to shut down women’s health centers in Virginia. In fact, the only public statements Cuccinelli has made are attacking a ban on gifts to elected officials and attacking an independent Virginia ethics commission.

P.S. Gotta love this part of the Post story: “instead of appointing Prince William Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert – as Cuccinelli’s office had recommended – she asked Norfolk prosecutor Greg Underwood (D) to pick up the case.” LOL


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