Unacceptable Behavior


    Just when you thought you'd seen it all.  I happened upon an article on The Raw Story today entitled, "Man angry over Boston bombings breaks jaw of ‘f*cking Muslim’ Iraq war veteran".  The mere title of the article turned my stomach.    

    Long story short, Ed Dahlberg, president of Emerald Aviation behaved poorly (this is an understatement) during a cab ride that ended with him allegedly breaking the cab driver’s jaw.  He had been picked up by cab from the Country Club of Fairfax at 2 AM last Friday, apparently after having been drinking.

    This kind of behavior should never be tolerated – whether under the influence or not.  If his conduct alone wasn’t enough to make you ill, the target of his poor behavior was a Somali-born muslim who served in the Iraq War in the United States Army.

    Mr. Dahlberg’s shenanigans have raised the online exposure of Emerald Aviation.  In the past two days, the Yelp! page for Emerald Aviation has received 8 unfiltered and 10 filtered reviews – all negative.  The Google Review Page for Emerald Aviation has also increased from two reviews in the past two years to three additional (all negative) reviews over the past week.

    Dahlberg has been charged with misdemeanor assault instead of a felony hate crime.  Does the punishment fit the crime?  The Washington Post Article can be found here.  

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