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My two Cents: The GOP Ticket and Its Female Anatomy Problem


It was bad enough Virginia women have had to endure Transvaginal Bob (T-Bob). It is bad enough that Ken Cuccinelli and Bishop EW Jackson spend too much of their their mental lives ruminating about women’s private parts. It’s bad enough that they ultimately want to felonize abortion. But their partner on the ticket, Republican AG Candidate, Mark Obenshain, supported/supports criminalizing miscarriage. If the law he introduced had been passed, women who miscarry would have had to file a police report or face a misdemeanor charge. That is not the worst of the bill. The purpose for his legislation was to make miscarriage grounds for criminal investigation (hence the police report). This man is running for AG in Virginia. And the other two on the ticket are only too happy to embrace him. These men are quite simply sick. And there is no cure for what ails their minds, brains and hearts.

One fifth of pregnancies end on spontaneous miscarriage. Several decades ago, one-fourth of all pregnancies ended in miscarriage. But your 21st century radical Republicans want to criminalize nature and, thus, a very large number of women. You would think that if they couldn’t conjure up basic decency, sympathy, and fairness, they would understand this flies in the face of even most conservatives. Women who miscarry often endure painful labor, they are figuratively dropped off a hormonal cliff, they are in most cases overwhelmed by sorrow and loss. But instead of humanity, these guys (emphasis GUYS) offer up tracking women into the criminal justice system. Some justice. Talk about kicking someone when she is down.

But if the GOP ticket cannot conjure up humanity, they might be pragmatic. Indeed, the last time an extremist Virginia Republican tried to criminalize spontaneous miscarriage, he was humiliated and excoriated. A statewide Virginia blogger we all treasure took on the guy on ABC late night television and figuratively pummeled him. Conservative women who said their fellow conservatives had gone too far joined with Democrats to squash the legislation. But these guys have no memory.

Fortunately, most Virginians won’t stand for the fanatical and abusive measures promoted by Obenshain. But they have to know about it first. That’s where you come in. No Virginian should go to the polls this fall without knowing exactly how extreme this ticket is. No Virginian should go to the polls this fall without intently routing extremists like this from the Republican party and from higher office. Tell the GOP to present real candidates, not these caricatures of humans who cannot even give a damn when people are hurting.  


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