Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent Headline NRA Convention


    (This nutjob also said it wasn’t the “Civil War,” it was the “War of Northern Aggression.” He’ll fit in perfectly at the NRA, no doubt about that! – promoted by lowkell)

    Gun fanatics are a key voting block in the Republican party. Without them, Republicans lose almost every election. They are just as important to Exxon, Koch Industries and Monsanto as they are to Colt, Ruger and Smith & Wesson. This well funded, passionate minority has been winning the battles in Congress and they are today launching a war against gun control at the NRA convention in Houston, Texas. We have tip toed around them for too long, trying not to activate them too much. Well guess what? They are all in and we have nothing left to lose but the lives of our children and families if we do nothing. We have been far too polite for too long and the time has come for a full court press to call them out at every opportunity. Gun fanatics are idiots and they are being used to protect the wealthiest few in this country. I hope that all of us are ready to take them on.

    New NRA President Fantasizes About “Whipping” Anti-Gun Opponents

    Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent Headline NRA Convention – Houston TX…

    Gun Fanatics to wage “extensive war” against gun control…

    Art Exhibit “The Gun Show!” in DC Today!…

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