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Video: Crazy EW Jackson Says No Federal Aid For Natural Disasters



P.S. I was just watching coverage of the horrible tragedy in Oklahoma, and it just makes me despise EW Jackson with a burning passion to hear him spew this crap. The bottom line is that we are ONE nation, indivisible, and as Bruce Springsteen says, “we take care of our own, wherever this flag’s flown!” What about that don’t extremists like EW Jackson (and his equally rabid supporters in the right-wingnutosphere) understand?

P.P.S. I’m trying to think of one country in the world where the national government leaves it to the town, city, state, province, whatever, to deal with a natural disaster. I can’t think of a single one. I also can’t think of one national Republican who believes the federal government shouldn’t help localities in the event of a natural disaster. Heck, even the most loony-tunes far-right-wing Republicans only go so far as to demand that disaster expenditures be “offset.” Yet again, that just shows you how extreme EW Jackson is.


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