Robert Hurt Hogwash


    For those folks who do not have the misfortune of living in the 5th District here is the latest newsletter from empty suit Robert Hurt replete with the same GOP talking points he spews every week:

    Dear Friend,

    This past week, we recognized and celebrated the anniversary of the Virginia Convention’s adoption of Virginia’s Declaration of Rights 237 years ago on June 12, 1776, in Williamsburg, Virginia. Originally drafted by George Mason, the Declaration of Rights was a fundamental expression of those rights that we as Americans hold dear, and it laid the foundation for what would ultimately be adopted as our United States Bill of Rights.

    Our Founders recognized the importance of our fundamental rights, stating that “all men by nature are equally free and independent” and cannot be deprived of “the enjoyment of life and liberty.” They established a system of limited government with unlimited opportunity, which laid the framework for our democracy and our freedom.

    Like each generation before us, we must do all that we can to pass on a country with greater opportunity and greater prosperity to the next generation.

    Our country, however, is facing a nearly $17 trillion national debt resulting from an expanding federal government that threatens our economy and the very future of this country.

    We in the House of Representatives have acknowledged that we cannot afford more of this Administration’s tax and spend policies. That is why we have offered a responsible budget proposal that promotes economic growth by balancing the federal budget in ten years and cutting waste, strengthens critical retirement safety programs for those in and near retirement, preserves these programs for future generations, and reforms our complex tax code that stifles investment and takes too much from our hardworking families. Most important, this budget operates under the same principle as our families and small businesses across the 5th District – we should not spend more than we take in.

    While it is good news that the Senate passed a budget for the first time in four years, and the President put his plan on the table, both options call for higher taxes, increased deficit spending, and a growing federal government that stifles free enterprise and limits job creation.

    Now is the time for our country to change its direction, and it is my hope that the President and the Senate will join the House in adopting a fiscal blueprint that will lead us to a balanced budget as soon as practicable. We must recall the important ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers, which guaranteed freedom and opportunity for the people of America. I believe that these principles of limited government, free enterprise, individual liberty, and the opportunity for every American to achieve their potential should still be guiding us as we address the great challenges that our country faces today.


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