Videos: Meet 14 of Your 2013 Northern Virginia Democratic House of Delegates Candidates


    Earlier today, I attended an event at the Clarendon Metro station in Arlington, in which Del. Mark Sickles (D) introduced many of the Democratic Virginia House of Delegates candidates from Northern Virginia for 2013. In order of introduction, the candidates were: Kathleen Murphy (running against Del. Barbara Comstock in the 34th), Jeremy McPike (running against Del. Scott Lingamfelter in the 31st), John Bell (running against Del. David Ramadan in the 87th), Mike Futrell (running against Del. Mark Dudenhefer in the 2nd), Monte Johnson (running against Del. Randy Minchew in the 10th), Jennifer Boysko (running against Del. Tom Rust in the 86th), Reed Heddleston (running against Del. Rich Anderson in the 51st), Jerry Foltz (running against Del. Tim Hugo in the 40th), Richard Cabellos (running against Del. Jackson Miller in the 50th), Ed Deitsch (running against Del. Dave Albo in the 42nd), Traci Dippert (running against Del. Ed Scott in the 30th), Hung Nguyen (running against Del. Jim LeMunyon in the 67th), Kathleen O’Halloran (running against Del. Mark Cole in the 88th), and Marcus Simon (running against Republican Brad Tidwell in the 53rd).

    In the Q&A session after the candidate introductions (see videos of that, as well as of Del. Sickles’ introduction to the event, on the “flip”). Sickles said that there are a number of districts where Democrats can win this November, that “absolutely we’re doing to win seats.”

    Also, here’s a statement from the Democratic Party of Virginia on this morning’s event.

    ARLINGTON — Today, the Virgina Democratic House Caucus held a press conference rolling out the Northern Virginia slate of Democratic House candidates.

    “Our ticket is mainstream and earning support across the aisle while the Tea Party ticket is driving Republicans away with their extreme ideological agenda,” said Virginia Democratic House Caucus Chair Mark Sickles.

    “Virginians have had enough with divisive politics and now the Democratic House Caucus is  poised to  pick up seats this November and lead the state forward by focusing on job creation, strengthening our transportation system and infrastructure, and ensuring Virginians have access to affordable education.”

    “This recruitment class of candidates is one of the largest we’ve had in years,” said Delegate Alfonso Lopez. “We look forward to running with mainstream Virginians while Virginia Republicans run in lockstep with one of the most extreme tickets in Virginia history.”

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