The Hollow Legacy of Governor McDogvitamin


    Bob McDonnell’s governorship has been like one of those feel-good movies that you forget immediately upon leaving the theater. The handsome chief executive and his former cheerleader wife ride off into the sunset and…um, what was that all about again?

    He’s been a master of triangulation, always seeking the poll-favored center even when one doesn’t exist. Don’t like the idea of forced transvaginal probes for women seeking abortions?Hey, no worries, we’ll lighten it up a bit for you! At a time when the Tea Party scares most people to death, Gov. Bob has presented a calming presence. But in the meantime, he’s left a record thinner than Keira Knightley.

    His cheerful lightweightedness might be okay if we weren’t finding out revelations every week about what’s really going on behind closed doors in the governor’s mansion. The Star-gate scandal has revealed, once again, that the hollowness of Republicans like our Bob is built around a core of undying loyalty to corporate America. The ridiculously improper relationship between the McDonnells and tobacco supplement baron Jonnie Williams shows quite plainly how Republicans really think about government — solely as a means to maintain the power and status of rich, entitled elites.

    And the latest news about how the McDonnells have been billing the taxpayers for everything from deodorant to dog vitamins — even as they’ve enjoyed such perks as driving Williams’ Ferrari and staying at his vacation home — says a whole lot about the real attitude of this empty suit. Hold onto power long enough to grab the benefits you can for yourself and your CEO buddies. Then, when the gig is up, you know you’ll have that corporate suite with the six figure salary waiting for you.

    It’s a sweet deal, but ultimately, Gov. McDogvitamin’s hollow legacy leaves the voters with but two choices: elect the Tea Party extremists who’ve taken over his party while his warm smile has lulled the voters to sleep; or throw them out in favor of Democrats who actually want to use our government to govern.

    I look forward to sending Gov. Bob home — with a very healthy dog.  

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