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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, June 30. Also, check out the photo of Terry McAuliffe, speaking at last night’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Richmond, by Catherine S. Read.

*In South Africa, Obama reflects on Nelson Mandela’s legacy, nation’s past

*Biden: Virginia GOP Afraid Of The Tea Party

*The Supreme Court made you less free (“Don’t let the DOMA ruling fool you. The most recent term restricted your rights.”)

*Governor McDonnell must explain himself (“The details of a gift-giving scandal involving the governor, his family and a controversial businessman have grown more damaging — to the governor and to Virginia — with every new development.”)

*Schapiro: Rolex-wearing governor is political time bomb (“Bob McDonnell’s career is badly damaged, if not destroyed…Fallout could also take out fellow Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the party’s candidate for governor.”)

*Biden urges Democrats to defeat ‘tea party’ Cuccinelli

*Virginia can control its destiny with Medicaid expansion

*AG has kept gas owners from their money

*Cuccinelli: Va. seniors targeted in health scams

*Compromise is about to get harder in Virginia (“Forget about bipartisan compromise in Virginia. In a series of actions this spring, anti-tax activists have killed the prospects even for one-party agreement in Richmond.” Thank you Tea Party – not!!!)

*Tough decisions about school security (“In the aftermath of the December school shootings in Newtown, Conn., Gov. Bob McDonnell and the General Assembly agreed to pump $1.3 million of new money into a state incentive fund that helps localities put police resource officers in public schools.”)

*Downturn paralyzed pay scales for Virginia’s teachers

*Success in reducing state homelessness

*Roanoke Co. Democrats in turmoil (“Chairman Brian Lang says his group is healthy, but several years of infighting have taken their toll.”)

*Washington area commuters say they are seeing less stop, more go

*No, Conservatives, You Won’t Stop Watching Football If The NFL Markets Obamacare

*Nationals vs. Mets: Taylor Jordan loses MLB debut thanks largely to Washington’s sloppy defense

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