Audio: Ken Cuccinelli Says Attorney General’s Job is “us reacting over and over and over…”


    So sayeth Krazy Ken:

    Certainly one thing about the Attorney General’s office is it is a very reactive office…the Attorney General doesn’t get to put bills in. And in fact, you know, the biggest things that we’ve been known for during my tenure have been reactions to the federal government. There’s no greenhouse gas endangerment finding, there’s no lawsuit. If there’s no health care bill that violates the constitution, there’s no lawsuit. If the EPA doesn’t try to make up new rules and burden Fairfax County with them there’s not lawsuit. So, you know, it’s us reacting over and over and over again in the AG’s office…

    Wow, the guy’s learned absolutely nothing from his multiple witch hunts and failed lawsuits. He also apparently didn’t catch the Supreme Court ruling that the Affordable Care Act IS constitutional. As for the greenhouse gas endangerment finding, of course the reality is that greenhouse gases DO pose a grave threat to human health and well being, even if Ken Kookinelli continues to deny the overwhelming scientific evidence (and consensus of 97% of scientists).  Finally, as the Democratic Party of Virginia notes, Cuccinelli’s “reactions” don’t “excuse his pattern of using his office to…put his extreme ideological agenda ahead of what’s best for Virginia families,” such as using his office “to bully the State Board of Health into passing backdoor abortion ban regulations…to try and force state universities to stop protecting gay and lesbian students and staff from discrimination and…to wage a witch hunt against the University of Virginia over his anti-science agenda.” #FAIL

    P.S. Does “reacting” over and over and over again make you…uh, a “reactionary” perhaps? Hmmm.

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