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Dueling Videos: President Obama, Ken Kookinelli on the Affordable Care Act


“President Obama explains how the Affordable Care Act is putting money back into the pockets of millions of Americans thanks to a provision in the health reform law that requires insurance companies spend 80 percent of its customers premiums on medical care, rather than administrative costs.”

In stark contrast, check out (on the “flip”) Ken Kookinelli’s bizarro-world view of the universe, in which “Obamacare” is the root of all evil, basically, despite the lack of any evidence to support this strange view. Just to show how crazy Cuccinelli is, I give you his comment referring to the “dreaded public option.” Seriously? “Dreaded?” By who, other than the Tea Party nuts? You know who else REALLY didn’t want the public option? That’s right, the private, for-profit health insurance companies, the ones that are so happy to have “Obamacare” (aka, the 1994 Republican alternative to “Hillarycare”; almost identical to “Romneycare;” including the CONSERVATIVE idea of an “individual mandate”) in place. Why not? Because they feared that the public option would prove so popular that it would basically kick their butts, be highly popular, and cost them a lot of business.

In the end, it’s not even so much that Ken Cuccinelli’s views are to the right of where almost everyone in his party – not to mention conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation – stood just a few years ago, it’s that he’s completely incoherent. Thus, he complains that the Obama administration has delayed the employer mandate by one year, something you’d think he’d be celebrating since he hates this law so much. He keeps referring to things as “so-called” and questions their constitutionality, even though these aren’t terms that were invented yesterday, and even though a VERY conservative Supreme Court has ruled “Obamacare” constitutional. Cuccinelli claims he doesn’t want government forcing us to buy a product, but then he opposes giving people more choices, such as a public option, in addition to private, for-profit health insurance. Of course, this is the same teabagger who thinks Social Security and Medicare are terrible things, probably unconstitutional. So don’t take him too seriously as a health care policy analyst, or even as making the least bit of sense on this subject (or most others). But DO take him seriously as an extremist, as a nut, and as a major threat to the future of our state.

P.S. A friend of mine pointed out that Cuccinelli looks like he’s in a hostage video or something. Heh. It’s also bad, scratchy audio quality. And it’s nuts, of course. Other than that…great stuff! LOL