Kaine embarrasses himself on Middle East


    According to the story by Markus Schmid in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on July 9, 2013 about Kaine’s visit to the Middle East, Kaine says that Turkey is a big supporter of the coup d’etat in Egypt!  http://www.timesdispatch.com/n…

    In fact Turkey is the biggest opponent of the coup d’etat in Egypt. Talk about shooting from the hip!

    Ok, maybe it was a Freudian slip of the tongue. We all make mistakes.  Unfortunately, the tenor of the article is one of Kaine trying to impress us with his gravitas on Middle East affairs and it falls flat.  His unwillingness to deviate at all from the Obama/Bush policies in the region is spineless and sad.  He seems most impressed with the advice he got from the feudal dictatorships of Jordan and UAE.  And to see a military coup go forward in Egypt without a peep of criticism is heart-wrenching.  Kaine, used to have a much better handle on foreign policy going back to his Maryknoll days, but I guess he has been corrupted by the military-intelligence-industrial network that floats a big chunk of our Virginian economy.  I had higher hopes for him when it came to human rights and foreign policy. His silence on the NSA surveillance scandals is also telling. We expected better leadership than this.