McDonnell’s lawyers bill state $54,000 for first five weeks of work


    RICHMOND – The private law firm hired to represent Gov. Robert F. McDonnell and his staff in the embezzlement case against the former chef at the governor’s mansion has billed Virginia nearly $54,000 for its first five weeks of work, according to documents released Monday.

    About $24,000 of the bill was for legal work performed on behalf of McDonnell (R), said Tony Troy, the firm’s lead attorney on the matter. The remainder was for representation provided to McDonnell’s staff and for handling Freedom of Information requests related to the case, Troy said.

    Hmmm.  $54,000 for the first five weeks of work comes out to almost $11,000 a week.  If Governor Rolex is hit with federal charges look for the lawyers’ bill to go straight up.  Did he put a line item in the budget for this?


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