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Race to the Bottom: NC Outdoes Virginia’s Outrageous Clinic Rules


With no sense of irony, late last night North Carolina’s GOP banned “Sharia law,” in the same bill in which it legislated (tacked on) women’s reproductive health and made abortions much harder to get. There is zero risk of real “Sharia law.” But there is a very real risk, indeed fact, that theocrats are tyranizing North Carolinians.  This was born out in the Republicans-Gone-Wild Theater, formerly known as the NC General Assembly.

Here’s the scoop from WRAL. One of the more striking and onerous provisions is that a doctor must be present for the duration of both a surgical and medical (RU-486) abortions.  Physicians assistants and nurse practitioners need not apply. This, for all practical purposes, renders the ability of women to get safe, legal abortions history.  

Also included are ridiculous clinic rules making women’s clinics providing women’s health care, check ups, cancer screens and birth control meet hospital-like standards for corridors and other structural issues.  This would mean all but one or two clinics in North Carolina would be shut down. The shame continues.  I know longer recognize the state I love. #Don’tNorthCarolinaVirginia


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