This Weekend, Your Chance to Fight Back


    Let’s be honest: Ken Cuccinelli at this point has a very good chance to become the next governor of Virginia.  We are not that far away from a state where women’s health clinics are banned, our gay brothers and sisters are labelled “soulless” and treated as such, scientists are bullied to write whatever the oil, gas and coal companies tell them to write, and voting restrictions prevent us from turning back the clock.  

    The only things standing in his way are Terry McAuliffe, and you.  But the polls right now show a race that is neck-and-neck and the vast majority of Virginians have not even tuned in yet.  

    This weekend, marking 100 days until the election, the McAuliffe for Governor and Combined Campaigns are hosting the 100 Days Weekend of Action at points across the Commonwealth.  Saturday and Sunday, you have the chance to talk to fellow Virginians and let them know that there is a very important election coming up November 5th and we need them engaged to fight for the values that we all hold dear.  

    Please sign up today and get involved, because you are badly needed.  You don’t want to be the one who ends up the day after election day staring in horror at the TV screen and moaning “How could I have let this happen?”  

    Don’t be a bystander, get out there and make your voice heard today.


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