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Democracy for America Launches TooExtremeForVirginia.org Website, Ad Campaign


Good stuff from DFA! 


Campaign will run over 1 million ads to hold Republicans in five targeted “Purple to Blue” races accountable for extreme views, votes

BURLINGTON, Vt. Today, Democracy for America (DFA) is launching TooExtremeForVirginia.org and an accompanying online advertising campaign targeting the right-wing Republicans running against its 2013 slate of five Purple to Blue Blue Premier candidates in Virginia.  

The initial online advertising buy will yield between 800,000-1 million individual impressions via tightly targeted search terms and ZIP codes affiliated with each of the five targeted Purple to Blue state house districts.  Additional buys will be made throughout the Fall to ensure that Democracy for America reaches voters via online ads from today through Election Day.  See examples of banner advertising below.

Ads direct voters to DFA’s brand-new TooExtremeForVirginia.org website, where they can find out how Republicans Barbara Comstock (VA-34), David Ramadan (VA-87), Joseph Yost (VA-12), Tom Rust (VA-86), and Mike Watson (VA-93)  have helped enable “Crazy” Ken Cuccinelli’s extremist agenda on choice and other issues.

“Virginian’s know that ‘Crazy’ Ken Cuccinelli’s radical agenda is wrong for the Old Dominion. With the help of TooExtremeForVirginia.org, Virginia voters will now have the opportunity to see how state house candidates in their own backyard have already begun enabling Cuccinelli’s brand of right-wing extremism in Richmond,”  said Kyran McCann, DFA’s Purple to Blue Project State Director in Virginia.

Launched in March, DFA’s Purple to Blue Project is a national, multi-year effort to win state House and Senate chambers across the country by making so-called “purple” state legislative seats decisively Democratic.  In 2013, DFA is committed to spending well over $750,000 to elect its five Purple to Blue Premier candidates in Virginia.  

DFA’s  slate of five Purple to Blue Premier candidates in Virginia this year include James Harder (VA-12), Kathleen Murphy (VA-34),  Jennifer Boysko (VA-86), John Bell (VA-87) and Monty Mason (VA- 93).

Examples of Advertisements for TooExtremeForVirginia.org campaign:

Overall Version

Individual Version (versions available for all targeted Republicans, just ask if you want to see a specific one):

Key Facts about the Purple to Blue Project & Democracy for America:

  • In 2013, DFA will spend well over $750,000 on its five Purple to Blue Premier delegate races alone

    • In addition to firing up volunteer boots on the ground for all of its endorsed races in Virginia, the project will run a tightly targeted paid field, mail and media program in its five Premier races.

    • Today’s ad campaign launch marks the first of DFA’s many paid media components of the 2013 program in Virginia

  • DFA’s complete slate of Purple to Blue Premier are:

    • James Harder (VA-12)

    • Kathleen Murphy (VA-34)

    • Monty Mason (VA- 93)

    • Jennifer Boysko (VA-86)

    • John Bell (VA-87)

  • DFA has over 21,000 members in Virginia and nearly 1 million members nationwide.



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