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EW Jackson [HEARTS] Ken Kookinelli’s Plan to Destroy Virginia Public Education


Anything else you need to know about Cuckoo’s crazy “education plan?” I mean, seriously, if EW Jackson likes it, you KNOW it’s nuts!

Jackson Endorses Cuccinelli Education Plan

Constitutional Amendment is the Key to Parental Choice

For Immediate Release

August 19, 2013

Contact: Chip Tarbutton

CHESAPEAKE, VA – Republican nominee for Virginia Lieutenant Governor E.W. Jackson spoke out today in support of Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Ken Cuccinelli’s Education Plan.

Ken Cuccinelli’s K-12 education plan is a much needed game changer in empowering parents with the means to ensure their children have the opportunity to receive a world-class education,” Jackson said. “I am thrilled to see that parental choice is one of the cornerstones of Ken’s educational reform plan. While all elements start a much needed conversation on how we can best help our children, the most crucial is Ken’s proposal to amend the state Constitution to allow parents the ultimate choice of where their children are educated.

“Parental choice has always been the centerpiece of my campaign’s educational platform. As Ken correctly points out, there are areas of our state where the public school systems are failing. Currently, only some Virginians have the means to move their children out of these failing schools. But what becomes of those who can’t afford to send their kids to private school? Parental choice allows every family to make the educational decisions that best meet their needs.

“No one’s intention is to harm the public school system – my wife is one of many excellent public school teachers who help shape young minds every day. But we must seek solutions that expand and improve educational opportunity for all of our students. My opponent and his family have had the luxury to afford options other than public school for his children, as have my wife and I. That same choice should be available to all Virginians, no matter what their economic status.

“”As Lieutenant Governor, I look forward to partnering with Ken to begin the fight to give educational choice back to parents in Virginia.”

P.S. DPVA chimes in: “Today E.W. Jackson informed Virginians that he supports Ken Cuccinelli’s anti-public education plan, further underscoring how dangerous the plan would be for Virginia students, teachers and communities.

Jackson, whose own vision for Virginia education includes a constitutional amendment that would take millions of dollars out of public classrooms, obviously found plenty to like in a Cuccinelli plan that is based predominantly on spending taxpayer money on private schools instead of using it to make sure all Virginians have access to a world class education in a public school.

Cuccinelli and Jackson’s shared vision for education may work for their tea party backers, but it would be a disaster for Virginia’s students, teachers and economy.

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