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How Do You Know when NC Gov Pat McCrory is Lying?


How do you know When Pat McCrory is lying?  You know…

We know Pretend Governor Pat McCrory is lying when he moves his lips.  The man charts new territory for dissembling, deception and outright lying. The pretend governor has signed the worst vote suppression bill in the nation, one which is breath-taking for its reach. Take a listen to his You Tube video.

Why do I call him pretend governor?  I do so because the real governor of NC is Koch Brothers’ buddy Art Pope, who has been afforded the position of Budget Director. The budget of NC is entrusted to a Tea Party funder and director for Americans for Prosperity.

I have written about this bill before. I will note I also read the 57-page bill. The governor signed a bill he recently admitted he hadn’t read. And it’s his job.

With his signature, he has especially opened the floodgates for vigilante poll bullies to contest legitimate voters’ casting their votes. Now poll bullies can try to keep individuals from voting. This is the most outrageous vote suppression tactic I have ever seen in any state I have lived in. As Rev Barber says, it is a fundamental attack on our right to vote.

What can you do?  First, get every single voter in your precinct registered.  Help them get their documents. I have joined the NAACP and will re-join the ACLU. I urge all of you to do the same. Support any organization suing to halt this onerous vote suppression. We will not take this lying down. Be on the look out for vote suppression where you live. Virginia will be not far behind, especially if Kookinelli wins.  


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