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NextGen Climate Action Virginia to Start Major Ad Buy Hitting Cuccinelli Corruption


Check out this new ad from NextGen Climate Action Virginia, and also see the statement from the group below. I’m very glad to see someone calling Ken Cuccinelli out for his corruption, and specifically his coziness and cronyism with fossil fuel companies like CONSOL Energy – all at the expense of ordinary Virginians, sad to say.

NextGen Climate Action’s Virginia campaign will begin tomorrow to air a roughly half-million dollar advertising buy with this ad.

Over a roughly 10-day period, it will run in the Richmond, Norfolk and Roanoke markets.

This is the first in a series of ads we plan to do highlighting important, basic questions Ken Cuccinelli clearly doesn’t want to answer about the scandals surrounding his conduct in office – and what it says about him.

We now have a pattern of Cuccinelli dismissing, spinning or turning away from questions – whether they are from reporters, a 74 year-old landowner, or young Virginia voters. You can see the pattern here.

The problem for Ken Cuccinelli is that in Virginia, you have to actually talk to reporters and voters if you want to be Governor. You don’t get to duck the big questions for eight weeks. Then again, it’s pretty clear why he won’t answer the questions: It looks bad. He’s our top law enforcement official, he took $100,000 from an out-of-state fossil fuel company while his office helped that company rip off Virginians — and then played disclosure games to avoid getting caught.

This is unacceptable. People like me move to, stay and do business in Virginia because it’s been a well-run state. But the McDonnell and Cuccinelli scandals are threatening to turn us into a national joke.

Ken Cuccinelli is in denial: about basic climate science and appropriate conduct for an Attorney General URL FOR FIRST AD, and about what an advanced energy economy can do for the state. He’s also in denial of the reality that he’s got to answers questions, give back this dirty money, or step down as Attorney General.

Ken Cuccinelli might think he’s always right and everyone else is wrong. But the more Ken Cuccinelli runs from the questions, the more it tells Virginia who he is.

More to come.

– Mike Casey (consultant to NextGen Climate Action Committee in Virginia)


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