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Photo: Mark Obenshain Cheerfully Campaigns with Corrupt, Raving Bigot Eugene Delgaudio


Republican Attorney General nominee Mark Obenshain, the right-wing extremist who proposed legislation that would criminalize miscarriages (when he’s asked about it now, he lies about it and claim that’s not what he meant – to paraphrase Willard Romney, he’s running for office now, he can’t be seen as favoring criminalization of miscarriages, for Pete’s sake!) and walked out of the State Senate rather than vote on an openly gay judge nomination, this morning is yet again showing his true colors. Check out the photo (click to “embiggen”) from Obenshain’s Facebook page, and note who he’s campaigning with. That’s right, on Obenshain’s far right (appropriately enough) is none other than the infamous Eugene Delgaudio.

Why do I say Delgaudio is infamous? How about this (“Citizens of Loudoun County Line Up To Lambaste Slimeball/Anti-LGBT Bigot Eugene Delgaudio“)? Or this (“Loudoun County Democrats Support Move to Block Anti-Gay Bigot Eugene Delgaudio from Committees“)? Or this (“Video: Raging Homophobe Eugene Delgaudio Sings Against Gays in Boy Scouts!“)? Or this (“the nationally recognized Southern Poverty Law Center has designated Public Advocate of the United States, a right-wing advocacy group run by Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, as a Hate Group for its staunch anti-gay advocacy and activities.”)? It goes on and on…this Delgaudio guy is as heinous as they come. And Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain is happy to campaign with him – with a big Ken Cuccinelli sign right behind them, just for good measure. Now we only need an appearance by raving lunatic EW Jackson to complete the picture. Heh.


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