Early Voting – the best revenge


    I was reading all about the government shutdown in today’s Washington Post, and I then I decided to do something about it.  

    I voted early today in Fairfax County.  

    This gave me quite a bit of satisfaction, as the Cuchinelli election campaign is only starting air its ads. Now I don’t need to pay any attention to any of it.  It was a very productive use of a sleepy Saturday afternoon.

    Although a Fall Festival Fair was going on in the parking lots outside the Fairfax County Government Center, I was the only voter present while I went through the in-person absentee process.  That was disappointing, as I think the old saying applies here:  use it or lose it.

    So I thought I would write this diary to encourage others to vote early.

    I was prompted to vote early by an email from the Fairfax County Democratic Party office, and I’ve pasted the details of the email below the fold.

    Are you fired up and ready to vote for Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, Stacey Kincaid and our Democratic Delegates?

    You don’t have to wait until November 5th.

    Satellite Voting starts this Saturday, September 28.  The polls will be open from 9 am-5 pm.[image]

    This voting opportunity is brand new.

    The Fairfax County Democrats pushed for satellite voting to be extended to three extra Saturdays:  September 28, October 5 and October 12.

    If we don’t use it, it will be taken away.

    There are 19 different reasons that enable you to vote early:

    •    Do you spend 11 hours a day commuting and working [even if you never leave Fairfax]? Check Box 1E.

    •    Is your job in Maryland, DC, Alexandria, Arlington or any locality outside Fairfax County, including the Cities of Falls Church and Fairfax? Check Box 1C.

    •    Will you be away from Fairfax County on personal business or on vacation on November 5th, even if it’s as close as a nearby jurisdiction such as Loudoun or Prince William?  Check Box 1D.

    •    Are you going to school or college outside of Fairfax, such as AU, Georgetown, Catholic, GW, Marymount or the GMU or NVCC campuses in Arlington, Loudoun or Prince William ?  Check Box 1A.

    •    Are you disabled or ill?  Check Box 2A.

    •    Are you personally providing primary care for a disabled/ill person who is confined to their home?  Check Box 2B.

    •    Are you a first responder?  Check Box 1F.

    •    Will you be an election officer on November 5th?  Check Box 4A.

    •    Are you pregnant?  Check Box 2C.

    •    Will you be a poll watcher for a party or candidate on November 5th?  Check Box 8A.

    •    Will you be on active military duty outside of Fairfax on November 5th?  Check Box 6A.  Their spouses who will be outside of Fairfax on November 5th should Check Box 6B

    •    Will you be temporarily residing out of the country on November 5th?  Check Box 6C or Box 6D.

    There are even more reasons listed on the application. One of them probably fits you.

    There is a Fairfax County satellite location near you:

    (click here for full schedule)

    Franconia Governmental Center

    6121 Franconia Road

    Alexandria, VA 22310 (map)

    North County Human Services Building

    1850 Cameron Glen Drive

    Reston, VA 20190 (map)

    Mount Vernon Governmental Center

    2511 Parkers Lane

    Alexandria, VA 22306 (map)

    Mason Governmental Center

    6507 Columbia Pike

    Annandale, VA 22003 (map)

    Sully District Government Center

    4900 Stonecroft Boulevard

    Chantilly, VA 20151 (map)

    Dolley Madison Library

    1244 Oak Ridge Avenue

    McLean, VA 22101 (map)

    West Springfield Governmental Center

    6140 Rolling Road

    Springfield, VA 22152 (map)

    and as well as the Office of Elections at

    Fairfax County Governmental Center

    12000 Government Center Pkwy. Suite 323

    Fairfax, VA  22035 (map)

    …and be sure to tell them you want to:

    Vote Early

    -Fairfax County Democrats

    (703) 573-6811

    P.S. Click here to view a Northern Virginia Voter Information booklet with details about voting in other localities and more.  http://images.myngp.com/LinkTr…


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