A Face-Saving Way Out for Republicans? No Thanks.


    There’s been some talk about whether the Democrats might provide the Republicans with a face-saving way out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into with this government shutdown shakedown effort of theirs.

    Should they?  Or should they work to make this episode as disastrous as possible for the Republicans, shaming the Republican Wrecking Crew as much as they can?    

    My own inclination is to use this as a moment to inflict as much damage on the Republicans as possible.  Given their conduct over this past decade plus, I think that driving out the destructive spirit from the Republican Party (or, if that spirit cannot be driven out, the destruction of the Republican Party) should be the number one political priority for those who care about the nation.

    When the opponent is on the ropes, but the fight is hardly over, is NOT the time to back away.

    To give them a face-saving out would be like a prize fighter working to make his punches glancing rather than full-on impact against the opponent.


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