Maybe What Congress Doesn’t Know is Hurting Us


    Do you know what our 100 Senators and 435 Representatives know about running the government, the country, foreign policy and domestic programs?  Do you know what’s required of them to run for and be elected to Congress?  Do you know what our elected officials know most and best about working in government of, by and for the people at federal, state and local levels?  Did you know that whether elected to the Senate or House of Representatives, you are by law, a member of Congress, and therefore a Congressman/woman/person responsible to all Americans, not just your state or district?  Do you have any idea of the educational background, previous employment history or qualifications of the individuals you elected to Congress?

    Maybe corporate corruption is not as dangerous to America as what members of Congress, and those who elect them, don’t know.  Maybe what Congress doesn’t know, is destroying the Ozone Layer, The Gulf, urban communities, public education, infrastructure, poor people, The Middle Class, Under Served Children, National Defense, International Trade using TPP, Food & Water Safety, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness  – the very air we breathe.

    Maybe shutting down a government and cutting services to those who need it most is akin to taxation without representation and proof of corruption worse than that of K & Wall Street combo.  Maybe if there is a growing level of ineptitude in Congress, what they don’t know is killing us.

    And just maybe, believing that there’s no cure for stupid, is the first misstep on the proverbial slippery slope, sending reason and thinking reeling headlong, on a noisy ride in the empty barrels of huh, down into the pit fall of stupidity, where under mounds of misinformation, disinformation and the Darwin Devil made me do it, lies the unrepentant deceivers, and the lives they’ve twisted beyond recognition with historical revisions.

    Maybe from the darkness of fearing the unknown, over simplification strains to see the saving light of knowledge and the truth that could set it free.  But now self-trapped, deep in the ramifications of reckless rhetoric, without a hint of emancipation by 13th & 19th Amendments – or even the 21st for a little southern comfort – with not even a whiff of hope for rescue from Medicare, Peace Corp, Man on the Moon, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act or Obamacare, the misled corporate puppets are left behind blindly wandering, wondering if it’s true:  there really is no cure for stupid.

    Fear not for behold, The Cure:  the wisdom that comes when we rise up and walk in both individual and collective pursuit of justice for all through knowledge, questioning authority, civil discourse, intelligent communication, deductive reasoning, investigation of & research into the facts, and the greatest of these – listening and thinking for oneself.  Or you can believe Sarah Palin:  Jesus celebrated Easter many times during his life.

    Playing to the crowd for immediate effect with a self-serving sound-bite, can be a dangerous weapon, when a gullible audience embraces it as a way of life, like Stand Your Ground, Mission Accomplished or Government is the problem.  Great thinkers have often said, you can judge people by the company they keep.  I say, maybe you can judge yourself by those after whom you follow, worship or herd, hungering for the often indistinguishable nuggets of self-fulfillment and self-deception.  

    Maybe it’s not the Rush of a Cruz line or even the Cantor spiked tea club of politicians for profit, let alone a Rand delusion.  Maybe it’s the under informed who give value through ovations for those who know too little of the Golden Rule of our Constitution.  Maybe it’s trying to get ahead by voting ourselves behind.

    Maybe for America, we need more Constitutional Lawyers in Congress, fewer millionaires and more requirements to serve than being a twenty-five year old American citizen, with or without a high school diploma.


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