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New Ad: Mark Obenshain, Ken Cuccinelli Side with CONSOL Against VA Property Owners


From the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign:

CONSOL campaign donation confirms Obenshain, like Cuccinelli, is the wrong choice for Virginia

Today, the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign released a television ad exposing Mark Obenshain and Ken Cuccinelli’s cozy relationship with an out-of-state energy company seeking to swindle Virginia landowners out of millions in gas royalties.

The new TV ad can be viewed here.

“The donation that Mark Obenshain took after the scandal was exposed was nothing more than a down payment from Consol Energy to Mark Obenshain to continue the special treatment the company has experienced under Ken Cuccinelli,” Herring said. “This is about whose side Mark Obenshain is going to be on. It’s clear that just like his ticket-mate Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Obenshain would side with out-of-state energy companies, not Virginia property owners. Virginians want the next Attorney General to be a break from Ken Cuccinelli, but Obenshain is going down the same path. As Attorney General, I’ll take politics out of the office, put the law – and Virginians – first.”

The ad, titled “Property,” frames the Obenshain-Cuccinelli approach as right for Consol, but wrong for Virginia. In a class action lawsuit against Virginia citizens, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sided with Consol Energy, the out-of-state company that has donated $111,000 to Cuccinelli’s campaign for Governor.

Consol’s $15,000 contribution to Mark Obenshain’s campaign for Attorney General signals Obenshain’s willingness to continue to take the side of out-of-state companies the way Cuccinelli has.


Narrator: Ken Cuccinelli took thousands from Consol Energy. And his office took their side in a fight with Virginia property owners. Now, Attorney General candidate Mark Obenshain is following Cuccinelli’s lead, pocketing $15,000 dollars from Consol Energy. Obenshain – Cuccinelli: Right for Consol. Wrong for Virginia.

Mark Herring: In America, when you own property, its resources belong to you-not some out of state company. I’m Mark Herring, candidate for Attorney General and I sponsored this ad because I’ll fight for your rights.


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