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VA House Dems, Candidates Call on House Republicans to Demand Immediate End to Government Shutdown


From the DPVA: 

RICHMOND – Today, Virginia House Democrats as well as Democratic candidates for the House of Delegates called on Virginia House Republicans to demand an immediate end to this reckless government shutdown.  

The House Republicans in Washington created this budget crisis, and it is time for Republicans in Richmond to demand that their Tea Party partners in D.C. help bring an immediate end to this shutdown by passing a clean continuing resolution,” said House Democratic Leader David Toscano.


“With no plan of their own to provide access to routine health care for every American, it is especially disappointing that Virginia Republicans are willing to shut down the government rather than work together to help one million uninsured Virginians,” said House Democratic Chair Mark Sickles. “This is a lose-lose proposition if I've ever seen one.”

“Most of Virginia's current Republican members of Congress — including Majority Leader Eric Cantor — previously served in the House of Delegates,” said Delegate Bob Brink. “It's time for our Republican Delegates to tell their former colleagues to pass a clean CR before the government shutdown does even more damage to Virginia's economy.”

“The ongoing government shutdown is exactly what happens when our elected leaders put ideology ahead of what is best for the people they serve,” said Major John Bell, candidate for the House of Delegates 87th District. “This shutdown is especially harmful to families in Northern Virginia and needs to end today. Now more than ever, extreme partisans like David Ramadan and Ken Cuccinelli need to put aside their hardline partisan ideology and push Congress to come together, pass a clean CR, and end this needless crisis.”


“Our country is on the edge of a fiscal disaster orchestrated by the extreme wing of the Republicans in Congress,” said Kathleen Murphy, candidate for the House of Delegates 34th District. “I call on Delegate Comstock to urge her friends on the right to end this madness by voting for a clean CR and a debt ceiling increase without riders.  Tell them to stop their plan to force a default by the United States on our debt. End the shutdown now. This is hurting families. Let our residents get back to work!” 


“Washington needs to grow up, stop political posturing, and pay our nations bills,” said Jeremy McPike, candidate for the House of Delegates 31st District. “This isn't a game.  Too many hard working families have been hit hard by furloughs and the shutdown. It’s time for the Tea Party to end the shutdown so that thousands of people in my district can get back to work.”


“In a district like the 51st, where so much of our workforce is made up of government employees and military personnel, it is unthinkable that a legislator whose duty is to represent the families of Prince William County would not be doing everything he could to get those families back to work,” said Reed Heddleston, candidate for the House of Delegates 51st District. “While this may have been a partisan game to score political points by the Tea Party, it has terrible effects on everyday Virginians. When I talk to families in our district they are furious that Rich Anderson has not done anything to help end this shutdown. I call on Rich Anderson to demand his friends in the Virginia Tea Party Congressional Delegation pass a clean continuing resolution that gets Prince William County families back to work as soon as possible.” 



“Delegate Marshall needs to tell his Tea Party friends in Congress to support a clean CR vote today,” said Atif Qarni, candidate for the House of Delegates 13th District. “The dysfunction in Congress is emblematic of Marshall's tenure in the statehouse. Marshall's unwillingness to work in a bipartisan way, much less with his own party, is a huge problem.” 


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