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Pat McCrory Gives Cooch Endorsement, GOTV “Help” and Lessons in How Not to Govern


He doesn’t get it, but NC Governor Pat McCrory is actually giving instruction to Ken Cuccinelli on how not to govern. Along the way, he teaches how not to be a human being and how not to be an ethical person. Now we learn that during the government shutdown he was the only governor in the entire US to stop processing new applications for food stamps AND to stop making food stamp (TANF) payments.

That’s right, NC stood alone. Not only did Pat McCrory deny food stamps to hungry North Carolinians (despite the president’s guarantee the states would be reimbursed after the shutdown ended), but also he lied about it to three members of Congress, Congresspersons David Price, Mel Watts and G.K. Butterfield. They wrote:

“Your assertion that you did not discontinue the operation of the TANF program is simply not credible…Your administration did not merely ‘notify’ the service providers that federal funding for Work First programs may not be available in November…The notice that your administration sent to county social services directors on October 10th expressly directed them to cease processing new applications for benefits ‘until federal funds become available.’ In addition, the notice state unequivocally that the state would be ‘unable to make any Work First Family Assistance payments in November 2013’ absent congressional action.”

The letter said the McCrory took a similar action on the WIC program for pregnant women and babies before reversing itself.

So, McCrory rejected the expansion of Medicaid even though it would cost NC nothing for three years and only 10% thereafter. He cut living human beings from unemployment insurance, food and health care, but also he exploited the government shutdown to further starve food stamp and WIC recipients.

Ignoring all of that, McCrory attempted this week to get out the vote for Ken Cuccinelli anyway. At this point you might be tempted to erupt with BWAHAHAS (about McCrory’s ego). But I would caution: First, blocking people from receiving the food they need is serious business. Second, they fooled North Carolinians and could possibly fool Virginians…unless you work to increase Terry McAuliffe’s margin. Ten days to go. Don’t North Carolina Virginia.


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