Revisiting What Progressives Believe


    A while back, I posted this concerning what progressives believe:

    What do progressives believe in?

    • Moving forward, not backward.

    • The right to pursue life, liberty and

           the pursuit of happiness

    • Equality before the law.

    • Everyone (including the rich

           and corporations) paying their fair share.

    • The right to a job (and protection

           from off-shoring) in exchange for

           a willingness to work.  

    • Government has a role to play

           in solving intractable problems.

    • Free public education is every

           American’s birthright.

    • Affordable health care is a

           necessity, not a luxury.

    • Protection of Social Security

           from privatization.

    • Protection of water, air and

           other essential resources.

    • Sound and honest stewardship of

           our economic resources and budgets.

    • Protecting citizens/consumers  

           against corporate abuse and lack

           of good faith.

    • Government should get out of

           the bedrooms and personal

           relationships of Americans.

    • War is the last resort, not the first.

    • The golden rule.

    • We are our brother’s keeper.


    To that I’d add:

    * Putting Americans before partisan advantage.

    * Protection of the right to vote.

    *Protection of the integrity of our financial systems.

    * Fundamental homeland security depends upon protecting citizens against the ravages of global warming

    * Workers have every right to organize.

    * Balancing the needs of persons and corporations.  

    * In matters of health and safety, putting people first.


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