Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend, America?!?


    Where’s America?  Filibuster or Exceptional?  Regaining sense of decency or starving children?   It’s not just a question for Presidents and members of Congress.  It’s the question for We the People.

    We need to ask it of each other over morning coffee, then by day’s end, answer it for ourselves.  This isn’t the banality of, “Is America headed in the right direction?”  The question is, what are we doing to regain balance after being betrayed by our Wall Street Financial institutions in 2008?

    America’s Right direction uses fake patriotism to cover up American realities with Oz ridicule and programmed phony court packing talking points, to camouflage Trans-Pacific Partnership’s New World Order, at the expense of a child’s food for thought.

    We can’t fully comprehend the depth of where a Stop-And-Frisk America descends without recapturing the essence of the greatest we have been.  The correct questions give us insight and expose the true enemies of the people, while Right answers give us a millionaires’ Club Congress on vacation from leadership.

    Do you know where your member of Congress spends one third of the time he should be working for America?

    Thankfully, my life overflows with memories of incredible collaborations – everything from being directed by Spielberg – to political writing sealing truth & history to connect perspective dots as shield against current media/corporate/political hype – to directing the last twelve years of my parents’ lives, through dementia to that peace that passes all understanding.

    However, it’s been the questions I’ve been asked that have been my education and character development – and I’ve never even really been, one of those great classroom teachers who mold minds and now, protect lives at school, five days a week, year after year.  While working with ages 12-80, including a few household names, I remember very few of my answers, but their questions return for haunting replays all the time – like gun violence.

    Which did we lose first, meaningful penetrating questions from those who really hunger for the power of knowledge or answers that share our self-depth.  When was the last time you heard a question like that, or tried to answer one?  When did you last ask such a question of a boss, spouse, media or elected official?

    For a Kismet I directed, the mom of a very young teen only allowed her daughter to be in the Harem, if I drove her to and from rehearsals and helped with her history homework.  Her daughter was then the exact age I had been on Friday November 22, 1963.  I promised answers on the drive home, after rehearsal.  Her question, “What was it like to have four days of only one thing on TV?”

    On September 11, 2001, I was Performing Arts Department Director at a Middle School.  Ignoring administration note to turn off all classroom TVs, my drama classes and I watched.  They exploded with fearful and tearful questions, which I attempted to answer with calming facts.  About a week later, the father of one of my students stopped by to thank me.  He had been at the Pentagon that morning.

    Where is America?  It’s in the questions of children denied food and in factual healthcare answers from organizations like The Jefferson Area Board of Aging – not in Congressional wizardry disappearing food stamps while making Kansas jokes.  Answering real questions is a real necessity for real people, to keep it real, and off the Right direction following the yellow brick road.

    Fifty years after Dallas, I was asked, “What’s Polio?”  Before answering I realized, after curing this crippling disease, The Right direction for America has been political, educational, affordable healthcare and food stamp assassination.

    Anybody here seen our old friend, the America that didn’t deny food to our children?


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