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It’s Election Day! Don’t Forget to Vote!


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Happy election day! If you’re a “lucky” resident of the 11th Delegate District or the 6th Senate District you get another chance to exercise your civic duty today. Go vote!

But if you’re like me, you’re stuck dealing with Arctic temperatures and no ability to vote. What a waste of a perfectly good Tuesday!

If democracy envy has you blue (and it’s not hypothermia from the polar vortex) maybe you can spend some time going back over my “Twelve Days of Christmas” series and vote in the polls there? Check out some of the exciting issues I’m asking Blue Virginia about.

Day One, Competitive Districts.

On Day One, I asked about the “least favorite” part of the Republican gerrymander. The GOP effort to get rid of Ward Armstrong is currently at first place, followed closely by nostalgia for Bill Barlow (always a personal favorite of mine) and Shannon Valentine.

Day Two, Turnout Problems.

What Democrat from a close defeat in 2013 do you want to see run again? Atif Qarni is a strong favorite of Blue Virginia for a rematch going into 2015.

Day Three, Past Mistakes.

Who should be the top target for Virginia Democrats among the State Senators? There’s strong support for going after Republican John Watkins in 2015, the only Republican still representing an Obama-won State Senate district from 2012.

Day Four, Downstate Democrats.

Where do you stand on independent redistricting? Overwhelming support for independent redistricting at Blue Virginia. I’m not surprised.

Day Five, Unchallenged Incumbents.

What non-Northern Virginia delegate seat should be the top target in 2015? It’s a tie right now between Yost in the ever elusive Blacksburg-based 12th district and Yancey in Newport News’s 94th district. But just one vote behind is Danny Marshall in Danville’s 14th.  

Day Six, Present Opportunities.

If there’s a Senate vacancy that needs to be filled by Governor McAuliffe, the clear Blue Virginia favorite is Tom Perriello.

Day Seven, Democratic Trends.

We know that Senator Puckett will be the top target of the Virginia Republican Party in 2015. But who’s the next most vulnerable Democrat? I’d like to see more votes, but the Blue Virginia community seems most concerned about what happens if Senator Colgan retires.

Day Eight, Swing Voters.

Who would you support in an early poll of the potential 2017 Democratic primary between Herring and Northam? Herring takes this one among Blue Virginia voters.

Day Nine, 2021 Redistricting.

Up and coming stars among Virginia Democrats? The community couldn’t come up with any suggestions. I’m disappointed in this one.

Day Ten, Independent Redistricting.

Another disappointment, few votes on what will be the top issue for Virginia Democrats in 2017 and beyond. No consensus among the votes so far. What do you think?

Day Eleven, A Diverse Future.

Should Mark Warner run for President? Not much support from Blue Virginia, tepid at best if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run.

Day Twelve, An Epiphany.

What will happen in the special elections today? Democrats are feeling optimistic, predicting victory in both races.

Thanks again for reading, good luck to everyone on today’s Democratic campaigns!


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