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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines for Thursday, January 30. If you’re an Arlington Democrat, don’t forget to vote this evening at the Key Elementary School for Alan Howze for County Board!

*Poll: Clinton has big Democratic lead in 2016 field

*GOP races to prove it has plan to help the middle class (One problem: The GOP does NOT have a plan to help the middle class, but instead HURTS the middle class in just about everything it does.)

*The GOP is ignoring its right-wing base (“Conservative activists who brought Republican lawmakers to power are feeling betrayed.”)

*This farm bill deserves a veto (It truly does appear to be a bloated, taxpayer-funded corporate welfare monstrosity.)

*Major Expansion Ahead at The Washington Post

*Patch Hit With Sweeping Layoffs As New Owner Hale Global Restructures (In stark contrast to the Post, who I encourage to hire Jason Spencer, an excellent reporter from everything I’ve seen!)

*VCU, U.Va. health systems urge state to expand Medicaid

*Our view: A blow to voting rights (“On this, the now-disgraced former governor took the right path. The issue, unfortunately, can be seen as partisan, but McDonnell treated it as one of basic human rights. Voting is partisan; the right to vote should not be.”)

*Robert Sarvis announces bid for Warner’s Senate seat

*Senate Democrats to use majority to revive bills (“The bills, including a nondiscrimination measure, had been scuttled by Republicans.”)

*Expansion of adoption rights killed by House panel (“The legislation would have let same-sex partners of single parents adopt children as well.” There are kids who need good homes, but Republicans let their homophobic bigotry get in the way of a happy ending. #FAIL)

*Going around, coming around (“Democrats’ latest power play matches Republicans’ 2012 effort and raises it with the novel empowerment of the chair of the Democrat-heavy Rules Committee.”)

*Va. lawmakers, experts back extending emergency custody

*Kaine pushes paycheck fairness act

*In Virginia, Gov. McAuliffe caught in textbook political dilemma of alliances (“McAuliffe the campaigner backed Sea of Japan alternative; McAuliffe the governor has a hard choice.”)

*Teachers oppose Virginia bill challenging mainstream science (This bill is beyond idiotic and needs to be summarily rejected by everyone.)

*EXCLUSIVE: Va. Republican lawmaker backs gay nuptials (Good for Del. Joseph Yost!)

*Herring explains decision to fight gay-marriage ban

*Alexandria mayor, Sen. Ebbin poised to seek Moran’s seat

*Norfolk couple is at the center of legal battle over same-sex marriage

*Editorial: Virginia Readies For Equality

*Religious Leaders call for Attorney General’s Impeachment (“The clergy members and faith-based groups say they’re united in insuring that marriage stays between a man and a woman.” That’s their right to argue, but there’s no reason anyone should listen to them.)

*Storms strain resources for homeless in Virginia Beach

*Temperatures finally heading up (“Hooray! We have gotten through the worst of the latest Arctic antics.”)

  • Teapublican Party of Virginia Chair Pat Mullins lauds GOP “attack dog” Barbara Comstock for being one of the “strongest, most articulate voices for the conservative values we share.” And that’s exactly what should make us all redouble our efforts to elect John Foust next November. As should the new that Comstock was endorsed by far-right-wing hate radio host Mark Levin – yes, this guy (climate science denier; raging mysogynist who repeatedly has insulted women for being “fat,” etc.; vicious homophobe; passionate defender of George Zimmerman; compared Obama to Hitler; etc, etc.). Any further questions? Go John Foust!

  • Wow, this couldn’t be any colder if it were on a frozen lake in northern Minnesota right about now. Also, it really sucks that good local reporters like Jason Spencer, who covered parts of Northern Virginia (including Arlington) are being let go. I hope that somebody picks him up fast!

  • h/t: ArlNow

  • Jim B

    There is a piece in the Post today about a bill to aid the postal service. Rand Paul has offered an amendment to allow registered gun owners to carry guns in post offices. Obviously the dude has never heard “going postal”.

  • State Senator Adam Ebbin to seek election to U.S. House of Representatives

    Progressive leader enters race to succeed Congressman Jim Moran in Virginia’s Eighth District

    ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – State Senator Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) announced today that he would seek election to the U.S. House seat of retiring Congressman Jim Moran (D-8). Ebbin has filed the paperwork needed to launch his campaign committee for the June 10 Democratic Primary.

    “For twenty-three years, Jim Moran has stood for the progressive values of the people of Northern Virginia. I am proud to have been represented by him in Congress, and to have represented him in Richmond,” Ebbin said.

    Since 2004, Ebbin has represented voters from Alexandria, Arlington County, and Fairfax County in the Virginia General Assembly, first as a member of the House of Delegates, and since 2012 as State Senator. Ebbin is the only openly gay member of the Virginia General Assembly.

    “Today, I am excited to announce that I will be running to succeed Congressman Moran,” said Senator Ebbin. “For over a decade in Richmond, I’ve been a strong voice for progressive values who’s gotten results. I’ve fought to end human trafficking, to strengthen protections for seniors and the disabled, to ensure LGBT equality and to expand Medicaid in Virginia.”

    During his time in Richmond, Ebbin has been recognized as a proven progressive leader by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, Equality Virginia, the Virginia AFL-CIO, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, and other key progressive organizations. In 2011, Ebbin authored a bill to reign in the abuses of then-Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

    “Now, more than ever, we need effective leaders in Congress who know how to reach across the aisle to accomplish important goals while never abandoning our shared progressive values. In Congress, I will work with President Obama to protect the Affordable Care Act and ensure access to quality health care. I will protect federal workers from mean-spirited attacks. I will work alongside representatives from every state and political party to raise the minimum wage, fight climate change, and ensure that we never abandon the promise of Social Security and Medicare,” Ebbin said.

    Prior to serving in the General Assembly, Ebbin served as Governor Mark Warner’s Chief Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry. He has lived in Alexandria for more than 20 years, and served on the 8th District Democratic Committee and the Virginia Democratic Party’s State Steering Committee.

    Ebbin has launched a campaign website at http://www.AdamEbbin.com.

  • Adam Ebbin’s definitely one of my top 2 or 3 candidates for this job (Patrick Hope is most certainly another one), as he’s been a strong progressive leader for years. Having said that, I look forward to hearing what ALL the Democratic candidates for this important job have to say in coming weeks and months. I particularly want to hear how each candidate plans not just to vote in a progressive manner (that should be a given), but to be a fierce FIGHTER for progressive values (including environmental protection, of course) from this solid-blue district.

  • That’s right, President Obama has issued the FEWEST executive orders per year of any president since World War II. In contrast, Harry Truman issued three times as many executive orders per year during the “do-nothing Congress” of his time, and Saint Ronald Reagan issued 1 1/2 times as many. On the other hand, it’s…it’s…it’s…(say with tea-baggy spluttering rage) that black guy in the White House (“but we’re not racist!”), so he’s a TYRANT I tell you! (/snark)