We may be a bit late, but . . .


    We may be a bit late out of the starting blocks, but, a group of us Democrats from the Northern Neck are meeting with our do-nothing delegate Margaret Ransone (HOD-99) to give her our positions on several bills before the General Assembly.

    Here’s what we have done.

    1.  Two sites list bills introduced into the VA HOD and Senate:



    2.  We formed a group of folks and each of us selected one or two areas . . . e.g., education, health care, taxes, gun control, women’s issues, and the like.

    3.  We each studied the bills in our areas of interest and decided if we, as Democrats, supported or opposed each bill and why.

    4.  We have set up a meeting with Del. Ransone to (1) give her our position on each bill and (2) remind her that we Democrats make up almost half of the voters in her district.

    Will we sway her vote?  We hope so.

    Will we get  her attention?  Who knows.

    But you gotta start somewhere.


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