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VA 100th HoD District Election Thread: Rob Bloxom (R) vs. Willie Randall (D)


Polls in this special election, for former Del. Lynwood Lewis’ seat in the 100th House of Delegates district, closed at 7 pm, results should be coming in shortly at VPAP.

UPDATE 6:21 am: It’s important to emphasize that this was very much a winnable district, and that there’s really no good excuse for losing it. The fact is, the 100th district was won by Obama and Kaine in November 2012 with 54% and 55% of the vote, respectively. Also, Terry McAuliffe won this district, albeit by a slim margin (2 percentage points) in November 2013. Finally, this was an open seat, so nobody can use the “incumbents are tough to beat” excuse. Keep in mind that this district was just held by a Democrat, Lynwood Lewis, so if anything you’d think that we would have the “incumbent” advantage there, not the Republicans. But don’t worry, I’m sure that Democratic House Caucus “leadership” will come up with some creative reasons for why it was totally, 100% not their fault why we lost last night, why we picked up ZERO House of Delegates seats in 2013 (even as we swept all three statewide offices), and why we only have 32 out of 100 seats in the HoD despite Virginia being a state in which Republicans control NONE of the 5 statewide elected offices. Hmmmmm.

UPDATE 7:59 pm: With 30 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s Bloxom 5,855 (60.5%)-Randall 3,818 (39.4%). Not even close. #FAIL

UPDATE 7:55 pm: House Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell tweets, “Congratulations to Rob Bloxom!”

UPDATE 7:49 pm: What a fiasco. With 26 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s now Bloxom 4,942 (63.5%)-Randall 2,835 (36.4%). It’s looking like Democrats’ net House of Delegates pickup for 2013, which was a year I’d remind everyone in which we swept all three statewide offices, will turn out to be a whopping ZERO. Greeeeeaaaaat….

UPDATE 7:38 pm: With 18 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s now Bloxom 2,793 (60.3%)-Randall 1,831 (39.5%).

UPDATE 7:28 pm: With 11 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s now Bloxom 1,867 (65%)-Randall 1,002 (35%). Randall’s not performing nearly as well, percentage-wise, as Barack Obama did in heavily Democratic precincts in Norfolk City. For instance, Obama won Suburban Park precinct 56%-43%, while Randall actually lost the precinct 50.5%-49.5%. This isn’t looking great right now… 🙁

UPDATE 7:22 pm: With 2 (Onley and Atlantic – both strong Republican precincts) out of 33 precincts reporting, it’s Bloxom 502 (74.9%)-Randall 168 (25.1%).  ‏@vpapupdates  tweets, “First 2 precincts in Accomack: hometown Bloxom running ahead of Norfolk Republican Coleman in Jan. 21 Senate special.” Hmmmm.


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