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In Any Language, Ed Gillespie’s Right-Wing Republican Policies Still #FAIL Miserably


Look, it’s smart that Ed Gillespie is reaching out to non-English-speaking communities. I commend him for that, even if the dubbing is a bit awkward at times. There’s just one (big) problem: in whatever language, the right-wing Republican policies he’s pushing are nothing more than snake oil – proven failures on issue after issue. On immigration reform, for instance, I’d love to hear why Gillespie removed a clip from his website touting immigration reform.

While he’s at it, I’d also love to hear Ed Gillespie explain how he has anything to offer other than discredited, failed Republican policies (e.g., “trickle-down,” “supply-side”) which favor the wealthy and the corporations over the middle class, which widen income inequality and make upward mobility more difficult, which keep us addicted to oil, which harm the environment, etc. While he’s at it, he can also explain his enormous flip flop from supporting key elements of “Obamacare” in 2007 as a Washington lobbyist for the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform, to his opposition now. He can also try to explain his meeting with a group (the “Virginia Christian Alliance”) which refutes “foreign cultures, legal precedents, languages and religions in opposition to Christianity,” as well as “adultery, fornication, heterosexual oral sex, pornography…and homosexuality.” It should be fun listening to Gillespie try to explain any (or all) of these this, but something tells me it won’t make any sense — whatever language he dubs it into.

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