Patrick Hope Backs Moran/Connolly Proposal for Federal Workers


    Arlington, VA-After calling President Obama’s proposed 1% federal pay raise inadequate last month, Patrick Hope has now announced his support for the Federal Adjustment of Income Rates (FAIR) Act, which would provide all federal employees with a 3.3% pay increase in 2015.

    “The federal workforce provides many important services to the American public, and it’s about time Congress recognize their hard work and dedication with a pay raise that reflects our appreciation,” said Hope. “Not only must we show our thanks to these valued public servants, but salaries and benefits must also be competitive enough to attract the best and brightest to this workforce.”

    “Congressmen Moran has fought for our federal workers throughout his more than two decades in Congress.  As the next Congressman from Virginia’s 8th District, I look forward to continuing his legacy of standing up for these vital public servants. I want to thank Congressmen Moran and Connolly for their tremendous leadership on this issue.”


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