Home 2019 Elections Video: Alan Howze Speaks at Frank O’Leary’s St. Patrick’s Day Party (3/16/14)

Video: Alan Howze Speaks at Frank O’Leary’s St. Patrick’s Day Party (3/16/14)


Alan Howze is the Democratic nominee in the Arlington County Board special election scheduled for April 8. His main opponent is John Vihstadt, who over the years has donated thousands of dollars to Republican candidates like George W. Bush, McCain/Palin, and Romney/Ryan. Vihstadt has been endorsed by the Arlington Republican Party for County Board. In stark contrast, Alan Howze is a strong progressive and dedicated Democrat who will do a great job on the board. Go Alan!

P.S. I’ve heard from multiple sources about a poll showing Howze ahead, but under 50% (ergo, vulnerable to losing if Democrats don’t show up on April 8). I also see Vihstadt signs all over Arlington in people’s yards, which to me indicates that his supporters (those angry at the board, pretty much) have the intensity. And remember, “intensity” is key to turnout, particularly in low-turnout special elections. So…yes, we really could lose to a freakin’ Republican in Arlington! Time for the 8th CD Democratic candidates, plus the Democrats on the Arlington County Board, to really kick it into high gear for Alan Howze.

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