Video: Faux Discusses Whether Conservative Media is a “Net Negative for the Conservative Movement”


    I didn’t think I’d ever hear this coming from Fox News, let alone from someone who writes for the right-wingnut Daily Caller. Check this out.

    Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller

    …But I think it is also worth asking, at some times, is a conservative media a net negative for the conservative movement? And I think this might be one of those occasions…What [Fox News and talk radio] did was help elevate [Cliven Bundy], to turn him into a sort of folk hero and to egg the story on. And of course, once he shows himself to be a racist, that ends up impugning the conservative media, I think unfairly, but you could argue, hey, you guys built him up as some sort of a hero, and now MSNBC and liberal outlets will spend weeks on this pushing the narrative that conservatives are evil, racist, mean people.

    That’s amazing coming from a right winger like Lewis.

    Almost more amazing was that even right-wing hack and bought-and-paid-for Fox propagandist Howard Kurtz admitted that “Fox News fell seriously short on this story on Thursday…All day long…there was virtually no mention of these racist remarks by Cliven Bundy when everybody else was covering it. And I think that to ignore a major story – it was on the front page of the New York Times – at a time when the network, among others as you say, had devoted a lot of time to covering the story and to building up Cliven Bundy, I think that gives ammunition to Fox’s detractors.”

    Of course, even this “mea culpa” of sorts isn’t sufficient, or even close to it. Nor does it really get at the heart of the problems here. First off, right-wing media isn’t just a “net negative” to the conservative movement in this country. Much worse and more dangerous than that, right-wing media is a huge “net negative” to the United States of America, when it builds up violent, anti-government extremists like Cliven Bundy (not to mention violent psychopaths like George Zimmerman or whoever). Even more than that, right-wing media’s relentless anti-government demagoguery, glorification of the gun, disdain for the environment, casual bigotry, etc. has seriously damaged our country, and continues to seriously damage our country. And THAT is the real “net negative” here.

    Finally, and possibly most disturbing of all, is the Orwellian nature of right-wing media, creating a parallel universe in which wrong is right, crazy is sane, extreme is normal, lunacy is sanity, etc. Broadcasting their lies, bile, anger, conspiracy theories, and incitement to violence 24/7 might not impact most Americans, but to millions of impressionable, easily swayed, perhaps psychologically unbalanced people out there, it’s throwing a match into a pile of dynamite and hoping it doesn’t explode. Needless to say, that’s wildly, breathtakingly irresponsible. Unfortunately, it’s just another normal day on Fox “News,” Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc.