Mark Levine statement on Paul Ryan’s GOP budget plan


    Mark Levine, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, made the following statement in response to Paul Ryan’s GOP budget plan:

    “Paul Ryan’s April Fools’ budget shows exactly what is wrong with Washington right now: it is both cruel and stupid. Cruel, because it would devastate millions of seniors, students, workers, and middle class families. Stupid because the economic harm it would cause would cost our economy 3 million jobs in 2016 (according to the Economic Policy Institute) and dramatically increase the deficit.

    Medicare benefits slashed; education, infrastructure, and clean energy investment gutted; immigration reform shelved; unemployment insurance denied; and a 52nd attempt to deny millions of Americans any access to basic health care. These may be Republican priorities, but they’re not American priorities.

    Why is Ryan punitively targeting government employees and contractors knowing it will increase the deficit? Because his budget is designed to do one thing: raise millions of dollars from billionaires for Paul Ryan’s and other Republicans’ political races.

    Washington needs someone with a loud voice who will aggressively stand up to bullies sabotaging millions of hard-working Americans to enrich their billionaire backers. The Senate has Elizabeth Warren. The House of Representatives needs Mark Levine.”

    For more information on Mark Levine’s campaign for Congress visit the campaign website at or contact John Devine, campaign manager, at  


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