Patrick Hope Thanks Beyer, but Calls for Release to Come Sooner, Date Back Five Years


    Gov. Howard Dean, campaigning for Beyer, agrees releasing tax returns important for candidates running for federal office

    At a press conference on Monday, Patrick Hope made five years of tax returns available to members of the media. “Transparency is something that is very important in politics,” Hope said at the time. Hope also called on all nine of his opponents to release their returns.

    On Tuesday, businessman and candidate Donald S. Beyer, Jr. announced that he would make one year’s worth of returns available to the media on May 15.

    “While I thank Don for responding to my call for transparency, I hope he is able to make these returns available sooner and dating back for five years instead of one,” said Hope. “The people we seek to represent deserve to know everything about us, which is why I chose to release my returns now instead of waiting until we are less than one month out from the election.”

    Today, former Governor Howard Dean (D-VT) will join Beyer for an event in Arlington. Dean has been an outspoken advocate for releasing tax returns in the past, and did so in his own 2004 presidential campaign. Dean has made the following remarks about other candidates not releasing returns in the past:

    “Not giving out the tax returns is a huge mistake.” (8/16/12) CBS News

    “What is [candidate] trying to hide?… the American people have a right to know about the well documented links between his political career and [candidate]’s business ventures.” (8/21/08) Statement via Huffington Post

    “As long as [candidate]’s got his tax returns hidden, it’s going to be fatal… by not seeming trustworthy.” (7/31/12) NBC Politics


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