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Arlington Young Democrats to Host Bipartisan Immigration Panel


As part of its ongoing efforts to lead the conversation on issues that affect young professionals in Northern Virginia, the Arlington Young Democrats recently announced a bipartisan immigration panel to be held on May 28th.  

The event, which explores the necessity of immigration reform from both liberal and conservative viewpoints, is the first topic in an ongoing series of panel discussions on pressing issues in Virginia and national politics.

Information on speakers and location is available below the fold.

“Immigration reform disproportionately affects young professionals,” Arlington Young Democrats President Max Burns said. “Our outmoded immigration system threatens both high-skilled young immigrants who are sent home to compete against American companies and the children of undocumented workers just trying to get an education and contribute.”  

Attendees will have the opportunity to submit written questions for the panel, which includes a broad spectrum of policy experts.  

Scheduled Panelists and Speakers Include:  

Remarks: Hon. Adam Ebbin, Virginia State Senate

Panelist: Hon. Alfonso Lopez, Virginia State House of Delegates

Panelist: Yasmine Taeb, Arab American Institute

Panelist: Kamal Essaheb, National Immigration Law Center

Panelist: Alex Nowrasteh, The Cato Institute  

Mr. Nowrasteh is a respected conservative voice on immigration policy, and is a frequent guest and commentator on national television and programs. Del. Lopez is well known for his support of the Virginia DREAM Act, and for his advocacy on behalf of reforming immigration policy in the Commonwealth.  

The event, which will be held at 7 p.m. at the NRECA International Foundation in Ballston, is open to the public.


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